5 Ways to Backup Your Photos So You Don’t Lose Them

Your photos may be sitting on your devices or in a box somewhere but imagine the thought of losing your precious memories. I know, it’s scary and isn’t worth thinking about.

But it’s time to take action and back up your photos for peace of mind. We are in an age where technology is at our fingertips.

Not only do we have more photos than ever to go through and remind ourselves of the wonderful memories we have made, but we also have access to technology that helps us to store those photos and keep them safe from fire damage, water damage or losing them.

With this in mind, here are four ways to backup your photos so no matter what happens to them, you will always have copies that don’t take up too much room:

1. Cloud storage

The most obvious and easiest way to back up your photos is to use a cloud storage of your choice. From Google Drive to Amazon Photos, I recommend backing up your photos to at least two clouds, you know, just in case! You can set these to automatically back up your photos as you take them on your phone too so you don’t need to keep being reminded to do it.

2. Hard drives

Using your computer hard drive, create folders in year and month order so your photos are not only saved but organised too. I then recommend buying an external hard drive in case anything happens to your computer.

3. USB sticks

Some people say USB’s aren’t used that much any more but for me, they have been a lifeline to help me back up each year of photos which I put in a tin for safekeeping. You may find they do the job for now.

4. Scan your old albums and photos

If you have any printed photos from long ago, it’s wise to back these up by scanning them on to your computer. If they look a bit worse for wear, these can be easily rectified once you have uploaded them to a digital source and organised with the rest of your photos.

5. Printed Photo Books

There’s nothing like backing up your photos into a physical book to have in your hand and look through whenever you want to! That way you don’t have to scroll through thousands of photos to find what you’re looking for and you can sit with your family and reminisce together.

One extra bonus of using my service is not only do I help you to back up your photos but if I help you with your printed books you also get digital copies of all the scrapbook pages so if something happened to your photo book you can print it again, fuss free!

If this sounds like something you need help with, get in touch today for a free photo consultation, I would love to help you get photo organised, and begin your photo organising journey.

Jade x